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Dental Exam in San Diego

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Preventive dental care in San Diego

Dental exam in San Diego
Dental exam in San Diego

Preventative dental care is the practice of preventing oral health problems from developing so you don’t have to deal with issues later. Proper, regular Dental exam in San Diego CA is one of the most important preventative dental care practices you could do to obtain and maintain good oral health.

Preventative dental care involves properly cleaning your teeth at home and getting professional Dental exam in San Diego CA done by your dental hygienist. While going to your regular dental and hygienist appointments are important, what you do in between the appointments is crucial for your oral health. Properly cleaning your teeth at home helps to prevent dental health issues from occurring. When you eat, food particles that remain in your mouth cause bacteria and plaque to form. These substances need to be removed as soon as possible because if they remain in your mouth too long they can lead to tooth decay and other dental health problems. The bacteria and plaque not only accumulate on your teeth but also on your tongue. Therefore, when you clean your teeth you also need to clean your tongue. You should brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly at least twice a day and after any meal you have. In order to further clean your teeth and your gums too, you should floss regularly. The preceding is a good oral hygiene regimen and should be followed on a daily basis. You also need to see your dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning twice a year. She will utilize special tools to remove substances that cause tooth decay, such as tartar that you cannot remove with regular brushing.

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