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Dental office San Diego CA

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Oral Surgery in San Diego CA

Dental office San Diego CA
Dental office San Diego CA

As a qualified and experienced oral surgeon, Xusheng Mu, DDS can extract a tooth that is no longer viable, or even impacted or misaligned wisdom teeth. In addition, to replace lost teeth, our dental office in San Diego CA will surgically place implants. They can even be done as part of the same procedure in which your former tooth is being removed, for maximum convenience.

It would be wonderful if there were never any need to take out natural teeth. But for various reasons, it is sometimes unavoidable. Advanced tooth decay can weaken a tooth’s structure beyond the point where it could be effectively repaired. Similarly, an infected tooth, which in many instances can be remedied with root canal treatment, could deteriorate such that the only choice left is an extraction. Our dental office in San Diego CA will make sure that you are comfortable as the procedure is being done, with the application of local anesthesia. The goal is for you to feel pressure, but no pain. Some teeth are more difficult to reach, and it is possible that a tooth will have to be removed in pieces. There is no reason to worry, though. This is not out of the ordinary. If you opt for a dental implant, and your circumstances make it possible, our dental office in San Diego CA will place the post after the tooth has been removed, while you are still under the influence of the anesthesia. For wisdom teeth, which are more complex to extract, you can still feel 100% confident in the ability of our oral surgeon to remove them effectively and safely, without undue pain.

Call our office when you have reason to need oral surgery, whether as an urgent matter, or because you are electing to have a dental implant put in.

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