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Oral Surgery in San Diego

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Implants in San Diego

Oral Surgery in San Diego
Oral Surgery in San Diego

It can be really difficult to lose teeth, but it is unfortunately something that many people come to have to deal with, especially as they get older. There are many different things that cause teeth to fall out or may require that teeth be removed, but if you do happen to lose teeth then it is important that you consider replacing them as soon as possible. There are plenty of different options available to you, and a dentist can help you explore what sort of avenues for treatment may work best for you and your dental health needs. Here with Xusheng MU, DDS, you can consider what oral surgery in San Diego can do for you dental health as well as your smile In terms of getting dental implants after losing teeth.

When it comes to losing teeth, there are several things that may cause for it to happen. Teeth may be lost due to decay, disease, injury or even simply old age, and they may come out on their own or they might have to be extracted by a dentist as part of a specific treatment. In any case, the loss of teeth will have an impact on your dental health so it is important to consider your options as soon as you can. Losing teeth can cause initial damage your dental health due to the manner in which they were lost but my continuing to live with missing teeth your bite and any remaining teeth may suffer from strain as well. Here at the dental office of Xusheng MU, DDS you can explore some options available to you, including dental implants. Some of the other common methods of treatment used to replace missing teeth include bridges and dentures, but oral surgery is an option as well. When it comes to dental implants, you will need to undergo oral surgery in San Diego. This method of tooth replacement involves the surgical insertion of titanium posts through the gums and into the jaw. As these posts heal, they will meld with the jaw bone itself and will become firm and strong anchors for the artificial teeth that will then be placed into them. The artificial teeth used in this implant procedure will be designed by Xusheng MU, DDS to look completely natural and to resemble any remaining teeth that you have in order to create a completely realistic end result.

With dental implants you can eat and speak with ease once more. Replacing missing teeth is essential and we here at the dental offices of Xusheng MU, DDS can help you to fully restore your smile once more. If you are interested in what oral surgery in San Diego can do for you, then do not hesitate to contact us here at our dental offices and ask any questions or even book an evaluation with Xusheng MU, DDS today.

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