San Diego root canal

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Root canal therapy in San Diego

If you’re experiencing symptoms like tooth pain that persists, tooth pain while eating, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures that lingers, tenderness or swelling in the gums near the areas where the tooth pain is located, you may need a San Diego root canal. You should see an experienced dentist like ours at Xusheng MU, DDS for an evaluation.

San Diego root canal

A San Diego root canal; which is also known as root canal therapy, is a dental treatment that’s done by an experienced dentist to resolve a dental pulp disorder. A root canal is usually the best way to correct the pulp disorder while saving the patient’s natural tooth. The purpose of root canal therapy would be to attempt to save the tooth. It’s done as an alternative to and to try to avoid an extraction. There is no need to worry about getting root canal therapy. The procedure is very advantageous and beneficial to patients. Root canals not only prevent the need for extractions but also prevent the need for other procedures like bridges and implants. We recommend that you book a root canal consultation, so you can get your questions and any concerns you may have addressed at your appointment. During your root canal consultation, our dentist will also take the time to address any concerns you may have. You’ll be in excellent hands with our dentist. Our dentist is a highly trained and experienced professional. We offer many exceptional dental care services aside from root canals at our practice including: dentures, bridges, crowns, caps, implants, dental checkups, professional cleanings, dental fillings, extractions, teeth whitening and more. We encourage you to contact our office to get detailed information about our services.

Call us to schedule your San Diego root canal consultation. Our expert dentists and the rest of our team would like to welcome you to our practice. We look forward to assisting you very soon.