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Teeth whitening in San Diego

San Diego cosmetic dentist
San Diego cosmetic dentist

If you are looking for the very finest cosmetic dental care, visit us at our office, Xusheng MU, DDS. At our dental practice of our San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. Xusheng Mu, can provide you with many cosmetic dental treatments including teeth whitening and Lumineer veneers.

When patients have teeth with cosmetic dental problems that they want to have corrected, our San Diego cosmetic dentist is very pleased to offer treatment with Lumineers veneers. These veneers can give you a beautiful smile without the need to remove any part of your tooth structure. Lumineers are painlessly applied to your teeth without the need for any local anesthesia. They are a permanent cosmetic solution which can be used to correct many different cosmetic teeth problems. Among the teeth problems that can be corrected with Lumineers are teeth that are stained, chipped, discolored or even misaligned. Lumineers are a form of porcelain veneer. They can be made to be so thin that they can be as thin as a contact lens! However, Lumineers are extremely strong. The difference between these veneers and regular porcelain veneers is that they can be placed over existing teeth without needing to remove any portion of the tooth in order to secure the veneer. At our dental practice we also offer in-office tooth whitening using ZOOM2 Chairside Whitening System. This whitening system will dramatically whiten your teeth in just 45 minutes. And, patients are so excited to learn that their teeth can be lightened up to an average of eight shades. This is a tremendous result for a system that only takes 45 minutes to work. This tooth whitening system uses a specially-designed light that activates the ZOOM teeth whitening gel. The gel will break down the stains on your teeth and leave you with a beautiful white and bright smile. Another advantage of ZOOM2 is that patients experience up to 65% less sensitivity than with prior ZOOM treatments.

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