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San Diego Cosmetic Dentistry

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Teeth whitening in San Diego

San Diego Cosmetic Dentistry
San Diego Cosmetic Dentistry

It is not uncommon to want to improve the look of your smile. Many people feel self-conscious for one reason or another when it comes to the appearance of their teeth and may feel uncomfortable when it comes to sharing their smile with others. But luckily, since cosmetic concerns like these are so widespread, there are quite a few solutions available that can help to correct them – and our dentist Xusheng Mu, DDS can help. Using San Diego cosmetic dentistry and other related methods, Dr. Mu can help you improve the look of your smile in no time and instill you with the confidence you have always wanted.

There are many different things that can bother people about their smile, and even if two people have a similar issue, each person’s smile is unique to them. What cosmetic dentistry aims to do is to help correct cosmetic issues by applying the necessary procedures, prosthetics or treatments needed in order to attain the appearance of each and every patient. For instance, many people suffer from stained, discolored or yellowed teeth, and while there are plenty of whitening kits readily available at your local drug store, these sorts of products are mass produced and are not likely to handle all different kinds of tooth stains or provide you with the specific results you want. Here with Xusheng Mu, DDS, however, you can get a custom ZOOM2 Chairside Whitening session that will address your specific needs and whiten your teeth up to eight shades brighter! When it comes to San Diego cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Mu can also provide patients with dental veneers or implants. Dental veneers are individually designed porcelain shells that are made to look like perfect white teeth. They can be placed over damaged or imperfect teeth that patients may wish to mask or hide completely. When it comes to missing teeth, dental implants look, feel and perform the closest to real teeth but they can also be designed to match your smile and other remaining teeth that you have.

Xusheng Mu, DDS applies cosmetic dental procedures to meet the individual needs of each and every patient. If you are interested in learning more about San Diego cosmetic dentistry and about what Dr. Mu can do for you, simply contact us today and set up your next appointment.

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