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San Diego Family Dentist

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When we say that we offer dental care for all ages, we mean not only that we welcome children as well as adults, but also that our office is set up to meet the unique needs and preferences of every one of our valued patients from across the age spectrum. You’re an individual, not a number, and our San Diego family dentist, Xusheng MU, DDS makes sure that you feel important.

It is never too early to begin getting outstanding dental care, so we are pleased to encourage parents to bring in their toddlers as soon as baby teeth begin to erupt. From the very first visit to our San Diego family dentist, focused attention begins on the prevention of cavities, as well as nurturing the growth of the baby teeth, monitoring them as they fall out on schedule, and then the eventual eruption of permanent adult teeth. There is no doubt that positive attitudes about dentistry begin with the earliest experiences, so we go to great lengths to keep our office pleasant and welcoming. Our staff, especially our San Diego family dentist, are friendly and patient. And gentle, painless treatment is always our goal. We haven’t forgotten you, though. Our facility is also perfectly geared to suit adult needs and sensibilities, including tailoring your treatment plan for optimal results. One thing that never changes, regardless of the passing years, is how important it is to come in for a twice-yearly oral examination and teeth cleaning. It’s preventive and proactive, and equally valuable for kids and adults.

Our dental practice is committed to keeping your teeth and gums, as well as those of your entire family, strong and healthy for life. And with your participation, including good oral hygiene and nutrition at home, plus scheduling appointments every six months for checkups and cleanings, we are much more likely to reach that goal. Contact us to book a visit.

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