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Tooth extraction in San Diego

San Diego Oral Surgery
San Diego Oral Surgery

Sometimes a tooth, particularly a wisdom tooth, has just got to go and our San Diego oral surgery doctor Xusheng Mu, DDS just has to perform an extraction. There are several reasons for an extraction including a tooth that is too badly damaged by decay or injury, a crowded mouth that is being prepared for orthodontic treatment, an infection, or periodontal disease. Generally extractions are done under a local anesthetic, which is injected into the roots of the tooth and the surrounding tissue. Our doctor will numb the area with a topical anesthetic before injecting the local. If the tooth is impacted or more than one tooth is involved a general anesthetic can be used.

Most teeth are pulled by grasping them with forceps and gently rocking side to side. San Diego oral surgery on an impacted tooth is a little more complex with our doctor cutting the gum and removing whatever bone necessary and then using the forceps. Once the tooth has been removed our doctor may put in a few dissolving stitches and a blood clot will form that protects the socket until the gum heals over it. Of the clot does not form or comes loose a condition known as dry socket can occur and our doctor will place a sedative dressing over until a new clot forms to protect the socket.

San Diego oral surgery provides a full range of oral surgery services including placing dental implants to replace the tooth that has been extracted. The implant is put directly into the jawbone and over time will bond with the bone, essentially becoming a part of the jaw, which makes it the strongest and most secure type of tooth replacement available. Dr. Mu provides patients in the San Diego area with a full range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental services. If you have a need for high quality oral surgery or general dental services please give our office a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mu.

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